Today, the Federal community, government and contractor support, strive to improve information sharing, enhance services and respond to ever-increasing threats while facing decreasing budgets.

From the Internet of Things to Big Data, we’re all working to quickly convert data to actionable information that can be used to achieve mission. Ambit’s proprietary approach enables government to respond, secure and protect the Homeland. Smarter. Faster. And cheaper.

Mission Successes

Our teams support collaboration with states, local governments, tribes, and universities. We run programs, design strategies, conduct audits and support field operations. From the tactical to the strategic, we drive the mission of Homeland Defense and Public Safety.

Active Efforts

FEMA Telecommunications

Supported five natural disasters. Deployed 60,000 wireless devices. Collaborated across all Regions and HQ. Identified $43M in cost avoidance and recovery.


Delivered all-digital citizenship services through the design and implementation of IT systems transformation.

Cross-Agency Exercises

Ensured ability to respond in time of crisis. Conducted tabletop and physical exercises for FEMA, USAID, U.S. Pacific Command, and the District of Columbia.

FEMA Disaster Management eGov Initiative

Support disaster victims with online access to disaster-related information and operations. Enable quicker response. Prepare for future disasters.


Improved service to the citizen. Led program health assessments on major DHS IT programs to enhance quality and efficiency.


  • Operations Management
    • Acquisition Support
      • Design and Evaluation
      • Industry Outreach Support
      • Program Support
    • Finance Support
      • Budget Planning and Execution (BP&E)
      • Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC)
    • Governance Design & Management
      • Change Control Board Management (CCB)
      • Council Design & Management
      • Facilitations & Communications Support
      • Industry Sharing Exchange Design (ISE)
      • Program Health Assessments
    • Information Operations
      • Continuous Process Improvement (CPI)
      • Portfolio Management Office (PfMO)
      • Program and Project Office Management (PMO)
      • Program Planning Budget and Execution (PPBE)
  • Performance Management
    • Information Sharing Exchange Support
      • Communications Management
      • Customer Relationship Management
      • Social Media Design, Tracking & Management
      • Web & Mobile Management
      • Workforce Training
    • Organizational Change Management
      • Enterprise Transformation Planning & Design
      • HR Systems Management
      • Resource Management
      • Surveys & Analysis
      • Workforce Management
    • Strategy Management
      • Business Process Engineering (BPR)
      • Customer Relationship Management Support (CRM)
      • Enterprise Transformation Design and Management
      • Rapid Strategic Planning
      • Technology Integration
  • Technology Management
    • Information Management
      • Data Analytics & Management
      • Information Security
      • Information Sharing
      • Mobile Telecommunications Management
    • IT Operations & Maintenance
      • IT Asset Management
      • IT Facilities Management
      • Mobile Development Management
      • Systems Engineering
    • Technology Design
      • Enterprise Architecture (EA)
      • Enterprise Resource Management (ERM)
      • Requirements Definition & Management
      • Software Test, Demo & Evaluation

Other Mission Areas