Today, our teams support the growth of small businesses, enable home ownership, enable the pursuit of higher education and support those who served to protect our freedom. We are recognized experts in the field of Government to Citizen (G-C) support.

Mission Successes

We’ve helped citizen-centric agencies deliver, implement, and run mission critical IT systems, sped up the adoption of processes and procedures, and enabled agencies to better serve citizens.

Active Efforts


Enabled SBA to leap from #30 to #6 on the Federal Government employee satisfaction survey. Improved employee satisfaction and overall performance with targeted change management and stakeholder outreach program.


Improved VA’s ability to serve the Veteran. Designed and implemented customer and supplier program that enabled procurement of the right products and services at the right time, quality-level, quantity, and location for Veterans and their families.


Leading $2.5B IT Transformation that has recovered $43M in IT operational costs. So far. Provided 24/7 cross-government data gathering and analysis effort in support of Deepwater Horizon.


Enabled citizens to access Agricultural e-Gov programs to receive services where they lived. Supported the Program, Communications, Change and Financial management.


  • Operations Management
    • Acquisition Support
      • Design and Evaluation
      • Industry Outreach Support
      • Program Support
    • Finance Support
      • Budget Planning and Execution (BP&E)
      • Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC)
    • Governance Design & Management
      • Change Control Board Management (CCB)
      • Council Design & Management
      • Facilitations & Communications Support
      • Industry Sharing Exchange Design (ISE)
    • Information Operations
      • Continuous Process Improvement (CPI)
      • Portfolio Management Office (PfMO)
      • Program and Project Office Management (PMO)
      • Program Planning Budget and Execution (PPBE)
  • Performance Management
    • Customer Service Support
      • Communications
      • Organizational Change Management
      • Social Media
      • Web Management
    • Resource Management
      • HR Systems Management
      • Surveys & Analysis
    • Strategy Management
      • Business Process Engineering (BPR)
      • Customer Relationship Management Support (CRM)
      • Enterprise Transformation Design and Management
      • Information Logistics
      • Rapid Strategic Planning
      • Technology Integration
  • Technology Management
    • Information Management
      • Data Analytics & Management
      • Information Security
      • Information Sharing
      • Mobile Telecommunications Management
    • IT Operations & Maintenance
      • IT Asset Management
      • IT Facilities Management
      • Mobile Development Management
      • Systems Engineering
    • Technology Design
      • Enterprise Architecture (EA)
      • Enterprise Resource Management (ERM)
      • Requirements Definition & Management
      • Software Test, Demo & Evaluation

Other Mission Areas