Operational Resiliency

Embed adaptability and continuous improvement across your people, processes, and technologies.

Smart. Secure. And Scalable.


Our teams take a proactive, data-driven approach to program management.

We harness predictive analytics to anticipate business and citizen needs. By translating raw data into actionable intelligence we enable our federal partners to make dynamic, real-time responses to emerging challenges or threats.


Legacy modernization delivers streamlined process efficiency, improve business performance, and creates innovative new ways to satisfy users.

It’s an incremental process that varies for each organization and typically includes implementing technologies, such as cloud, mobility, advanced data analytics, and cybersecurity to get to your future. Fast.


Ambit helps our federal partners prepare, protect, detect, respond and recover along all points of the security lifecycle.

Whether we’re defending against known cyberattacks, detecting and responding to emerging threats, or running a dedicated security operations center, we’ll help you build cyber resilience to pursue your mission with confidence.


Mobile devices have revolutionized the way we all work, enabling on-demand access to essential services and information anytime, anywhere.

Mobile solutions are integral to ensuring that Government can deliver appropriate, accessible services to the customers who need them most.


Accelerate your productivity and achieve breakthrough success with technologies that are properly aligned, integrated, and managed to pursue your mission.


Cloud Services

Migrate to a cloud infrastructure for flexibility, efficiency, scalability, advanced security, and cost savings.


Data Analytics + Visualization

Transform volumes of data into useful, actionable intelligence. Discover the power of data visualization tools that make sense of complex data – smartly, quickly and easily.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Unleash the power of AI to enhance security, improve operations and management, eliminate fraud, and precisely target underserved segments of the population that need assistance.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) +
Machine Learning (ML)

Streamline business processes and free valuable human capital resources by automating high-volume, repeatable, and often simple process tasks.


Knowledge + Content Management

Modernize your Government Experience, make information more readily available to citizens, improve all users’ experiences across multiple touchpoints, and fast track issue resolution.



Connect teams, workflows, and systems with agile, cloud-based applications designed around your users.

Case Studies

FCC: Cloud Migration

NOAA: IT Modernization

TSA: IT Modernization

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