U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Management Directorate — Management Support Service

The scope of this requirement includes determining and executing processes that provide for executive program support across the organization. The scope of this requirement also includes support to the front office of MGT. The primary objective of this requirement is to provide seamless executive program support that assists government managers and leaders in the achievement of organizational goals and objectives.

DHS Enterprise Business Management Office (EBMO) — Program Monitoring and Control Assessment

The purpose of this Task Order is to provide Program Monitoring and Control Assessment Services to support the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), initiative for ensuring the successful delivery of major IT Investments. This Task Order supports the Enterprise Business Management Office (EBMO) to move the Department beyond the traditional performance measurements and evaluation approaches to provide a portfolio of integrated and best practice-based program management, acquisition lifecycle, enterprise architecture, and systems engineering lifecycle.

DHS FEMA Disaster Management (DM)

The scope of this requirement includes providing disaster manager support services and the resources necessary to ensure successful administration and implementation of the DM initiatives. The purpose of this task order is to provide program management support to the FEMA DM eGov Initiative, supporting the improvement of emergency management response through more effective and efficient interoperable and mobile platform-based data communications.

Since the inception of DHS, Ambit’s leadership has applied our expertise in intelligence gathering and data analysis to advance the DHS mission. We’ve helped DHS collaborate with states, local governments and universities, designing strategies, conducting audits and supporting field operations. Learn more here.

What makes Ambit different? Our approach. Ambit’s Information Logistics Framework (ILF) converts data into actionable information to manage your Technology, Operations, and Performance. Our approach has enabled DHS to achieve more than $43M in cost avoidance and recovery. Learn more here.   Ambit has actively supported DHS since 2008, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) Mobility Service Center (MSC). Specific services provided to DHS, listed by EAGLE II – FC 2 Functional Area include:

Functional Area Directorate Component Program Office Specific Program
Capital Planning Emergency Preparedness & Response FEMA OCIO MSC Telecommunications Program Management Services
Strategic Planning Emergency Preparedness & Response FEMA OCIO MSC Telecommunications Program Management Services
Budget Execution Emergency Preparedness & Response FEMA OCIO MSC Telecommunications Program Management Services
Performance Management Emergency Preparedness & Response FEMA OCIO MSC Telecommunications Program Management Services
Training Emergency Preparedness & Response FEMA OCIO MSC Telecommunications Program Management Services
Business Process Re-Engineering Emergency Preparedness & Response FEMA OCIO MSC Telecommunications Program Management Services
Organizational Change Management Emergency Preparedness & Response FEMA OCIO MSC Telecommunications Program Management Services
Program Management Office Support Emergency Preparedness & Response FEMA OCIO MSC Telecommunications Program Management Services

In support of FEMA, Ambit provides comprehensive program and project management, and operational support for FEMA telecommunications on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis. In addition to this DHS-specific experience, Ambit has provided relevant FC2 business and technical management services, as well as IT policy and planning support to multiple agencies across the Federal Government, including the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) among others. An overview of these services is included below:

Functional Area Agencies Supported
Capital Planning NOAA; Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
Strategic Planning NOAA; FCC; USDA Food and Nutrition Service (FNS); VA
Workforce Planning U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
Budget Execution NOAA; FCC
Performance Management NOAA; FCC
Enterprise Architecture NOAA
Data Management NOAA; FCC
Information Sharing NOAA
Information Security NOAA
Training NOAA
Enterprise Resource Management
Business Process Re-Engineering NOAA; FNS
IT Transformation and Strategy NOAA; FNS; National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Organizational Change Management NOAA; FNS; FCC; VA
Program Management Office Support NOAA; FCC; USDA; USPTO

Ambit’s Quality Assurance Program is designed to deliver the highest possible quality work products and deliverables to DHS and its components by: preventing defects when humanly possible; identifying defects when they occur; correcting defects promptly and completely; reducing defects in future work; and continually improving business processes relative to individual task orders and to the EAGLE II program as a whole. Ambit plans quality, performs quality assurance management, and performs quality control management in accordance with the ITILv3, PMBOK© and/or CMMI best practices to provide optimal utility and warranty for DHS. Our Quality Assurance Program complements our approach to program and project management because it follows the PMBOK© and ensures quality management of our operational processes, deliverables, and performance (including subcontractor performance). Our approach includes three key components:

1) Quality Planning

Ambit identifies quality requirements, measures, metrics, and standards for delivering the contractual deliverables, along with work products to meet the program, project, and task levels. We document how we will demonstrate compliance with our standards. With DHS EAGLE II, we will discuss, define, and/or adopt the most appropriate quality standards relevant to specific task orders, such as CMMI, ISO 9001:2008, ITILv3, Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, etc. Ambit performs quality planning in conjunction with other project management processes. Ambit uses the project scope and Statement of Work (SOW), schedule baseline, cost baseline, stakeholder register and communication strategy/plan, risk register, resource register, and environmental/organizational scans as inputs to the quality planning process. Ambit then works with Government personnel to develop a Quality Management Plan (QMP). The QMP describes how Ambit will implement our quality standards and policies, and carry out tasks related to quality assurance, quality control, and continuous quality improvement. Team Ambit’s QMP contains quality standards, measures and metrics, checklists, continuous quality improvement, quality management methods, and roles and responsibilities.

2) Quality Assurance

Upon finalization of individual Task Order deliverables list and schedule, Ambit will prepare a full list of deliverables by date. This list will include tentative review and sign-off timeframes to assist in timely quality reviews by both Ambit and DHS staff. Ambit performs quality assurance by comparing project and task quality requirements with the results of quality control measurements to ensure our team is using the appropriate quality standards and practices. Routine quality reviews will be conducted by team members to confirm that work products meet DHS Eagle II Contract and task order requirements and include leading practices and industry standards. Data to be collected for quality assurance and control purposes will include, at a minimum, the following fields:

  • Work Products/Deliverables that will be Reviewed/Inspected/Audited
  • Frequency/Timing of Reviews/Inspections/Audits (e.g., review prior to milestones, revisions based upon government feedback/comments, annual, etc.)
  • How will the Review/Inspection/Audit be performed? (e.g., peer review, demonstration, client review, etc.)
  • Required and Optional Participants
  • Quality Control Measurement

3) Quality Control

Ambit will perform quality control by monitoring and reporting the results of quality activities in order to assess performance and recommend improvements. We will inspect and audit deliverables, monitor and record results from the activities to assess performance and recommend necessary changes. Ambit will examine project and task management plans, quality metrics, work performance information, quality checklists, approved change requests, deliverables, and other sources of data and information. Ambit will analyze these data sources using tools and techniques such as Pareto analysis, inspections, cause and effect diagrams, control charts, run charts, and other tools and techniques. On the basis of these analyses, Ambit recommends quality control measurements, validates process changes, validates deliverables, recommends approval of change requests, recommends process improvements, updates project and task management plans, and updates project documents. Ambit views quality control as a continuous process, occurring throughout the Eagle II Contract’s duration. The figure below displays our Corporate Quality System which has been tailored for the DHS Eagle II Contract, and has a Quality Control Plan that ensures compliance with all of DHS’s Eagle II Contract requirements.

Ambit has delivered expert service to Government customers via performance based acquisitions. Ambit provided these services to Government customers in accordance with Earned Value Management System (EVMS) requirements where Ambit’s potential compensation was measured against strict adherence to service level agreements (SLAs), project plans, schedules, and other quantifiable measurements of project and contract success. At the Federal Communications Commission, Ambit was held to SLAs during a 5-year performance based contract, with potential positive or negative impact to Ambit’s monthly invoice of up to +/- 3%, based on monthly reporting metrics and customer satisfaction surveys. Our SLAs included:

  • Ensuring Quality Assurance policies and processes are used in developing products and services. Emphasis should be on catching defects before they get into the final product.
  • Using effective Project Management policies and processes for planning and guiding project processes from start to finish. The goal is to ensure projects are accomplished with maximum efficiency.
  • Ensuring there are processes created to determine and measure customer satisfaction. The goal should be to increase customer confidence, the FCC’s credibility and for improvement in information system and web site related work processes and efficiency.

Ambit also possesses a deep understanding of how to structure a performance based acquisition to achieve the Government’s mission and program goals. As a component of our work at National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, we provide the Office of the Chief Information Officer with guidance on how to design, execute, and measure IT product and service performance based acquisitions. Ambit is unique among the Eagle II Functional Category 2 Small Business prime contract holders in that we successfully performed work under a performance based acquisition AND provided guidance to the government about how to successfully structure performance based acquisitions.

For inquiries related to Ambit’s EAGLE II program and/or customer satisfaction with the services performed, please contact:

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