Addressing Legacy IT

As TSA worked to integrate and customize the Air Cargo Screening process, it was critical that they had the right tools to modernize legacy IT. TSA determined that they would need the speed, flexibility, and transparency of Agile to move the agency toward a cloud and mobile-based delivery approach.


Agile Project Management in Action

Ambit began by conducting a comprehensive assessment – analyzing existing applications with a focus on consolidation and updating TSA’s IT application stack. Next, by implementing a hybrid work structure that integrated both Sprints and a Kanban approach, the Ambit teams achieved fast-track solutions in a condensed timeline.


Application Consolidation

Ambit’s teams developed a working prototype app using MS Dynamics to demonstrate the efficacy of consolidating six separate applications into a single cloud-based enterprise. This process resulted in simpler configurations for future system management, maintenance, and migration.

Additional Case Studies

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