Mobility Management

The 2017 hurricane season presented FEMA with dramatic cost increases, driven not only by the sharp increase in staff resources required to fulfill disaster relief efforts, but also in the procurement, security, and management of devices necessary to meet critical responder and survivor needs.


Vendor Buyback Program

Ambit championed a two-pronged approach to support FEMA’s mobility infrastructure needs: providing both on-site communications support to responders in the field and managing back-office device & procurement logistics. To ensure high-value outcomes, Ambit implemented best practice reporting capabilities – enabling more nimble, informed decision-making – and established a vendor buy-back program to eliminate and capture cost savings from unnecessary equipment in the field.


Measurable Cost Savings

Since its inception in 2017, the Vendor Buyback Program has realized over $970,000 in cost savings for FEMA related to wireless equipment and service. In addition to these savings, Ambit’s work facilitated the removal of tens of thousands of end-of life devices from the field, enabling easier tracking of FEMA property in disaster response zones.

Additional Case Studies

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