Following a disaster, resources are scarce, people feel frightened and aid is desperately needed.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) provides disaster relief to thousands of citizens every year. It’s critical they are able to share lifesaving information with these citizens immediately.

Many Agency websites, including FEMA offer information, but too often it’s embedded deep within the website and links only accessible with an internet connection.

If FEMA and other Agencies want to increase their reach, they must go mobile.


The Ambit Group (Ambit) brings cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking solutions to support the important missions of the U.S. government.

We use industry leading tools to develop mobile applications (apps) which focus on key citizen centric data and services available on multiple operating systems and mobile platforms.

To support FEMA’s mission and get critical information in the hands of citizens when they need it, our team developed the FEMA mobile app. The app integrates FEMA’s existing agency data sources onto a single platform with a focus on optimizing user experience.

The FEMA mobile app provides critical disaster related information such as “what to do” before, during, and after a disaster, an interactive emergency kit list, storable emergency meeting locations, weather alerts, a location based Shelter and Disaster Recovery Center (DRCs) locator and Get Directions option, disaster assistance for disaster survivors, the latest blogs from FEMA, and links to FEMA’s social media sites.

Our approach focuses on deployment of 3-5 key agency functions and services in one app. Some agencies may approach functionality through multiple mobile apps, with each focused on a key mission.


The FEMA mobile app has proven to be mission critical for the agency and has gained industry recognition through numerous awards and has been the subject of many publications.

The app has over 500,000 users and delivers weather alerts to more than 190,000 mobile devices for 294,000 locations.