FCC: Cloud Migration

Ambit applied data-driven analysis to map applications and infrastructure and determine the right migration path and landing zone to deliver speed and savings.

FEMA Disaster Management: FEMA Mobility App

Responding to the need for critical communications during national disasters, Ambit developed FEMA’s award winning mobile app connecting citizens with first responders.

FEMA: Mobility Management

Ambit’s Full Lifecycle Mobility Management enabled FEMA to manage thousands of mobile devices, streamline processes, and reduce costs.

NOAA: IT Modernization

Comprehensive Portfolio Management. Ambit delivered a comprehensive, mission-focused solution to IT program management. From strategic planning through acquisition. Ambit’s team created an integrated information framework that secured NOAA’s leadership commitment and resource support.

TSA: IT Modernization

Agile Project Management in Action. Ambit analyzed existing applications with a focus on consolidating and updating TSA’s IT application stack. A hybrid work structure included Sprints and a Kanban approach, which carried Ambit’s teams to systems solutions faster.

USDA Food Buying Guide: Digital Transformation

Ambit digitized the USDA FBG and created a Web-based Interactive FBG that allows users to: easily search and navigate food yields, compare food yields, and create and save favorite foods lists. Ambit also created a complementary mobile app that lets users access all of the FBG’s tools and data from virtually any mobile device.

USPTO: IT Modernization

Ambit developed new application testing processes that saved USPTO over $10,000,000.

USPTO: New Tools to Drive Data-Driven Decisions

Ie an effort to streamline and improve decision making, Ambit developed a data-driven forecasting tool.

Veterans Affairs: IT Modernization

Veteran-Focused Integration Process (VIP) Platform. Ambit leads the transition to the Veteran-focused Integration Process (VIP) platform. The VIP framework enhances management of VA IT projects. Results include unified service delivery oversight. Secure and predictable outcomes are built into a flexible project management process.

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