Washington Post Names Ambit as One of DC’s Top Workplaces 2017

This award touched me deeply. When we started Ambit 13 years ago, I wanted to build something special. And over the course of our growth we were frequently recognized for our success with awards that affirmed our business achievements. There were awards for the pace of our revenue growth, awards celebrating special project achievements, and awards recognizing Ambit executives for their personal contributions. But this one was more meaningful than the rest.

When The Washington Post notified me a couple of weeks ago that we were being named one of DC’s Top Workplaces for the second year in a row, it confirmed for me that we succeeded in building a special company. Not just special in the work we pursue and complete, but special in the way we attract people who share our values, the way we treat them and reward them as they work beside us, and in the efforts we take to develop their talents and expand their horizons. That kind of special.

Nobody builds a company like this by accident. It takes dedicated and visionary leadership to craft a culture rooted in clearly defined values and chart a course that continually advances our entire company and all of our employees towards a distant, but achievable, goal.

We didn’t follow fads. We didn’t install foosball tables, we didn’t stock our refrigerators with free Red Bull, and we didn’t provide personal concierge services to our employees. Instead, we invested in specific cultural and development initiatives that we believed would have an impact – on our employees and our clients.

To me, a meaningful culture would help our employees balance their work and family lives. I remember how difficult it was, as a single mother, to balance the needs of my three children with the requirements demanded of an eager, inquisitive, and motivated employee. I wanted to make sure that Ambit provided our ambitious employees with the tools and time necessary to advance and achieve their potential.

It’s why we invested in Ambit University, our online professional development site that enables every one of our employees to gain knowledge, develop skills, and acquire professional certifications that will advance their careers and improve their lives.

And it’s why we remain committed to community and philanthropic engagement. We want to have an impact on where we live and work, and our involvement in charitable activities that support our veterans, their families, and their children does just that.

While it’s personally satisfying to gain recognition as one of DC’s Top Workplaces, I know that we can never rest on our laurels. We haven’t reached our destination yet, this is just a way station on our journey. As our workplace and our workforce continue to evolve, we’ll continue to devise innovative ways to ensure that our people, our spaces, and our technologies remain agile, responsive, and fulfilling.

Join our team. You won’t just work. You’ll thrive.

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