We connect federal technology, operations and performance.
Enabling you to make better decisions, run leaner, and recover costs.

Agile IT Program & Operations Management

Delivering on-site insight that redefines mission success

As the complexity of federal programs has increased, we’ve applied our expertise in agile program management to advance programs quickly, in rapid incremental sprints, while adapting to changes almost instantaneously. The proficiency we’ve developed in virtually all federal operational components lets us rapidly assess programs so we can manage risks, control costs, assess processes, introduce tools and technologies, coordinate communications, and drive mission.

Organizational Modernization & Transformation

Building the Next Generation of Government

Government agencies – like all modern organizations – must continually adapt to meet changing needs and expectations. While emerging technologies can assist in these transformations, agencies risk being overwhelmed if they don’t proceed with a clear plan. We understand the complex processes and business of government and help drive organizational change to make agencies agile, resilient, and responsive.

Human Centered Design

Creative Problem Solving Designed Around the People You Impact

Our human centered design focus helps federal agencies connect their people and their teams with their agency’s operational, organizational, and strategic objectives. We connect leaders with their teams, integrating technology, communications, and business processes to initiate actionable ideas their teams will embrace, introduce technologies they’ll adopt, and implement process changes that deliver transformative results.

Data Management & Information Sharing

Transforming Masses of Data Into Actionable Information

Ambit provides the data analytics that allow the management and conversion of volumes of data to usable, actionable information. Our teams excel in designing information-sharing programs that cross traditional organizational barriers to provide information at the right time, in the right place, and in the right form to advance mission.

The Ambit Way

Corporate Culture

It makes perfect sense that as a talent-centered organization, there’s nothing more important to us than finding, nurturing, developing, inspiring, and retaining talented people. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past 13 years, it’s that not every talented person is a great fit. Put simply, talent isn’t enough. More important are the values we share and expect from each other.

Awards & Certifications