While the debate about the role of government rages, the American consumer’s requirements for a safe environment, fair and competitive business practices and an open marketplace grow exponentially. Government oversees the businesses who support the citizen. Since 2004, Ambit has supported the Regulatory agencies who perform Government-Business (G-B) oversight.

Mission Successes

We’ve helped the government generate tens of billions of dollars of revenue from broadband auctions, responded to natural disasters, and supported the technology and personnel required to protect the intellectual capital of American inventors.

Our active efforts include:

  • FCC OCIO – Enabled government to extend broadband access across the country. We lead day-to-day operations of FCC’s multi-billion dollar broadband auction system.
  • EPA OCIO – Enhance speed of services in protection of our environment. We designed and implemented strategic communications efforts to speed adoption of new IT products and systems across EPA.
  • USPTO OCIO – Protect the American inventors and businesses. We deployed USPTO’s first human capital IT system. Implemented USPTO’s SDLC, enabling the IT projects that support the patent process.

Capabilities Enabling Mission

Technology Management

Information Management

  • Data Analytics & Management
  • Information Sharing
  • Information Security
  • Mobile Telecommunications Management

Technology Design

  • Enterprise Architecture (EA)
  • Enterprise Resource Management (ERM)
  • Requirements Definition & Management
  • Software Test, Demo & Evaluation

IT Operations & Maintenance

  • IT Facilities Management
  • IT Asset Management
  • Mobile Development Management
  • Systems Engineering

Operations Management

Information Operations

  • Portfolio Management Office (PfMO)
  • Program and Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Program Planning Budget and Execution (PPBE)
  • Continuous Process Improvement (CPI)

Finance Support

  • Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC)
  • Budget Planning and Execution (BP&E)

Acquisition Support

  • Design and Evaluation
  • Program Support
  • Industry Outreach Support

Governance Design & Management

  • Change Control Board Management (CCB)
  • Facilitations & Communications Support
  • Council Design & Management
  • Industry Sharing Exchange Design (ISE)

Performance Management

Strategy Management

  • Rapid Strategic Planning
  • Technology Integration
  • Business Process Engineering (BPR)
  • Enterprise Transformation Design and Management
  • Customer Relationship Management Support (CRM)

Information Sharing Exchange Support

  • Workforce Training
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Communications Management
  • Social Media Design, Tracking & Management
  • Web & Mobile Management

Organizational Change Management

  • Workforce Management
  • Resource Management
  • HR Systems Management
  • Surveys & Analysis
  • Enterprise Transformation Planning & Design

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